ACA children’s coverage guide

Washington—A publication produced by Families USA and the Children’s Dental Health Project offers guidance to parents on Buying Children’s Dental Coverage through the Marketplace, the Affordable Care Act health insurance shopping mart.

“You can buy children’s dental coverage in your state’s health insurance marketplace, where you can easily compare plans to find the dental coverage that best meets your family’s budget and health care needs,” the guide says, offering responses to eight frequently asked questions.

  • How do I buy children’s dental coverage through my state’s marketplace?
  • How long will my kids be able to get children’s dental coverage?
  • Which dental services will plans cover?
  • What’s the difference between dental coverage that is sold as part of a health plan and dental coverage that is sold as a separate dental plan?
  • How do I figure out which children’s dental coverage option is most affordable?
  • Can I get financial assistance to help pay for children’s dental coverage?
  • Do I have to buy dental coverage for my children?
  • Can I buy dental coverage for myself or other adults in my family through the marketplace?

The Association offers Affordable Care Act information and resources at and ADA’s consumer website

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