ADA endorses health insurance Web portal


Members looking for Affordable Care Act-compliant health insurance options can look to the ADA as a resource beginning Feb. 15.

The ADA Board of Trustees approved the endorsement of a national private health insurance exchange Web portal, the American Health Insurance Exchange powered by JLBG Health.

AHIX will provide interested ADA members with access to both state public exchange health insurance plans—the same plans that are available on—and private, ACA-compliant health insurance plans.

“With the implementation of the ACA, many of our members may be faced with increasing health insurance cost for their staff, and they will want to investigate coverage options,” said Dr. Charles H. Norman, ADA president. “The ADA is offering a new resource that allows our members to find for the coverage that best fits their needs using an endorsed Web portal. In this changing insurance market, it is reassuring to access a product that has been evaluated by the ADA.”

The ADA is designing an Web landing page that will first list the direct links to websites and 800 numbers for members to access ACA-compliant medical plan options endorsed by their state dental associations. That is followed by a link to the ADA-endorsed AHIX Web portal for members that do not have health insurance plans offered through their dental association, said Dr. Robert Coleman, chair of the Council on Members Insurance and Retirement Programs.

Member-only services include:

• a dedicated answer line via email or toll-free number;

• licensed insurance brokers will consult with members to find health plan to meet their needs;

• fast and secure access to rate quotes and plan options;

• ability to shop for plans on and of the public health insurance exchanges;

• apply for the health plan of their choice with our without subsidies.

“This is an endorsement of a Web portal only, not of a health insurance company or plan,” Dr. Coleman said, adding that CMIRP recommended the endorsement in response to members looking to the ADA for solutions due to the impact of the ACA on medical insurance plans. The ADA Board took action Jan. 8 to approve the endorsement of AHIX.

“This resource will maximize member value by making it easier for members throughout the country to find health insurance that best meets their needs in a very complicated, new medical insurance landscape,” Dr. Coleman said.

“The ADA is working to have the Web page available beginning Feb. 15 prior to the 2013 ACA open enrollment period closing on March 31 to serve as a valuable resource for members who are looking for ACA compliant health insurance options for 2014,” Dr. Coleman said.

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