EBD Champions 2.0 focuses on science in practice


The Evidence-Based Dentistry Champions 2.0 Conference: Implementing Science in Practice, the annual ADA event scheduled for May 9-10, has a new approach in 2014—a little something for everyone.

So if you’re brand new to the concept, there’s a space for you. If you’ve already been deemed a Champion because you’ve attended the conference before, there’s something different this year for you.

Or, you could be Dr. Partha Mukherji, and you’ve been so many times that they’ve put you to work—and you’re pretty psyched about that.

“I’m part of the organizing committee for this year,” said Dr. Mukherji of Forth Worth, Texas, who is a general dentist in private practice. “I’m working with an amazing group of very talented ADA members and staff to develop an innovative program that can be suited to any dentist, regardless of their EBD experience.

Scheduled at ADA Headquarters, Champions 2.0. has attracted Champions from prior years who have registered to rejoin friends and compare experiences since adding EBD to their skill set.

A summons also is out to those new to the practice and who want to learn basic EBD—the practice of vetting literature for the best evidence that works in accord with their professional opinion and with their patients’ treatment preferences.

Dr. Mukherji, who first attended a Champions conference three years ago, has enjoyed watching it evolve and improve. He has gotten increasingly involved in the conference each year, and said that he is very excited about the 2014 rendition.

“What it is, is a great product modified, making it more efficient with feedback from the last three or four years,” Dr. Mukherji said.

“It’s like an iPhone; iPhone 3 is good, but iPhone 4 is better.”

“The cool thing is that invitees are past EBD Champions conference attendees,” he added. “We can see how things have been going with each other, how we’ve applied EBD. Plus we can meet new people with interest in EBD.”

For returning Champions, the conference will go beyond the basics, Dr. Mukherji said. For them, “It’s going to be pretty scientifically driven instead of just a discussion of the basic principles,” he said.

As for why he returns each year and has become such an adherent, Dr. Mukherji said, “It keeps me educated, so to speak. It makes me question: Is this the latest out there? What does the science say about this? It’s a fine line between reality and what science says. A lot of times, we need to go with what the science says.”

EBD Champions 2.0 will feature new EBD presenters and favorite speakers addressing new topics, such as Dr. Janet Clarkson, Dental Health Research Unit, University of Dundee, Scotland, and Dr. Robert Weyant, professor and chair of the Department of Dental Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine.

In addition, Dr. Robert Compton, executive director of the DentaQuest Institute, will address the work of the Dental Quality Alliance.

Registration is open until March 31 with a fee of $150 for ADA members and $225 for nonmembers.

Seating is limited.

Support for this year’s conference is from a Procter & Gamble Co. contribution. For more information and to register, visit or call 1-312-440-2500.

For more information, contact Erica Vassilos, manager, ADA Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry, at ext. 2523 or email

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