Four keys to effective dental website design

There are four keys to creating an effective dental website to help grow dental practices, according to PBHS. They are:

• Provide a clear call to action: Possibly the most vital feature to making a website effective is a message or call to action which will clearly engage your visitor. For example, placing a “Call us now!” with your office phone number in the top heading or sidebar of your website is clearly identified by placement and the use of action words. Further engagement would focus on specific advertisements for a new patient special, exclusive promotions, or events that may be occurring within the practice. When you gain their interest, patients will feel inclined to call your practice.

• Quality education information: Visitors on your website would like to know more about procedures or services before placing that call. If you provide appropriate details about services and procedures your practice offers, the patient will become more confident in your abilities. Empty or content-lacking Web pages misuse valuable website real estate.

• Superior dental website design: Dental technology has vastly changed over the last decade. The same holds true for dental website design. If your website is outdated and leaves no lasting impression on its visitors, it will reflect on the image of your practice. If your website was built in the “primitive Internet era,” its design can depreciate the value of your practice brand. Dental websites that carry a modern design, with an easy to read layout, encourage visitors to engage and sift through your content. If you are unsure about the technology your website uses, consult one of our sales associates or account managers about your current dental website design.

• Provide information about the doctors and practice: Web pages that lack personality and clarity will turn patients away. Shed some light on your practice by providing more personal information, such as biographical information on the doctors, practice and staff. Patients want reassurance they are working with real people. By providing photos for an office tour slideshow or your staff, you are inviting patients to get to know you as real people. This portion of your website is also important in that it separates you from your competitors. What makes you different? Most likely it is the people employed at your practice and the skills they bring to the table.

Effective dental website design is about making the experience for your patients easy, fun and inviting. PBHS offers a variety of designs, packages, and services to support the growth of your practice and enable you to make the most of your online presence.

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