Give Kids a Smile Day is Feb. 7


With Give Kids A Smile Day just days away, a total of 1,500 GKAS events have registered, and estimate they will treat nearly 345,000 children on or around Feb. 7. More than 9,000 dentists and 28,000 other dental team members and lay volunteers will be providing care to kids in need through GKAS programs.

Programs are encouraged to register if they haven’t done so yet—either before or after their events, and all program coordinators/dentist participants are asked to report their actual program totals following their events. Log on to GKAS.

GKAS program coordinators nationwide should have their digital cameras ready to capture the highlights of the event.

The ADA News welcomes digital photo submissions from GKAS program participants—including candid pictures of children, dentists and team members interacting and clinical photos (patients in the chair, dental team in gloves, masks and protective eyewear). Be sure to include identification of those pictured and facts about your event.

Send high-resolution photos for consideration for use in the ADA News and on ADA News Today (on to as soon as possible following your event.

Program coordinators can also post photos on the new ADA GKAS Facebook page. Clinical photos submitted for the website should also show dental professionals using universal precautions.

GKAS corporate sponsors continue to generously support the program. Henry Schein Dental will provide professional dental kits containing gloves, patient bibs and bib holders, masks, plastic cups, tongue depressors, gauze pads, prophy angles and paste, fluoride varnish, chair sleeves and fluoride trays. Colgate Palmolive Co. has donated toothbrushes and toothpaste. DEXIS Digital X-ray Systems will donate the use of their X-ray units and the expertise of their staff to U.S. dental schools requesting assistance, state associations and large group practices during GKAS.

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