New Chairside Instructor available

Show and tell can be a lot more productive than it was back in grammar school for practicing dentists who use The Chairside Instructor: A Visual Guide to Case Presentations.

The new Chairside App for iOS (W013i), currently only available for Apple devices, lets dentists present crystal-clear graphics using the latest technology to help patients understand treatment plans. The App is $99 for members ($149 retail). To purchase, order from and complete the download at the Apple Store.

The Chairside Instructor book (W013) enables dentists to more readily educate patients and dental teams on prevention and treatment topics. The revised best-seller features more than 200 photos, including 49 new images, and covers such topics as hygiene, anatomy, X-rays, periodontal disease, restorations, orthodontics, pathologies, cracked tooth, bruxism and other topics.

Chairside Instructor is available in both English (W013) and Spanish (W014) as a laminated book and an e-book for computers, iPads, or other devices that read PDF files.

The Chairside Instructor laminated book is $59.95 for members ($89.95 retail). The Chairside Instructor Digital Edition (W013D) is $59.95 for members ($89.95 retail). The digital edition is also available in Spanish (W014D).

A 15-percent savings is available on all Chairside products using promo code 14114 through April 15. To purchase, visit or call 1-800-947-4746.

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