NextLevel offices embrace GKAS

Welcome: The team at Dr. Tom Hartnett’s office in Hamburg, N.Y., is ready to greet patients for its Give Kids A Smile event.

Embracing the mission to celebrate Give Kids A Smile all year long, 18 NextLevel Practice-affiliated dental offices nationwide donated $75,000 in free dental services in October 2013.

NextLevel Practice, a practice management firm in Scottsdale, Ariz., and New York City, helps its dental practices build a business model designed to educate patients, enhance the careers and performance of the team, increase productivity and give back to the community, said Gary Kadi, CEO and founder.

“Give Kids A Smile is an important project our dentists can embrace,” said Mr. Kadi, “because it focuses on access to care. Our dentists know that when they educate young children about good oral health and prevention, they are also educating parents and caregivers about the mouth-body connection and how important it is to overall health.”

The office of Dr. Brian Davey and Dr. Jenna Khoury, general dentists in San Diego, hosted a GKAS event for students at a local school.

“All the children we helped are homeless and are either living in shelters, motels, cars or on the street,” said Dr. Davey. “We were very touched by their resilient spirits and their beautiful and amazing personalities.”

Dr. Karyn White, a general dentist in Westerville, Ohio, said her team, community and local dental hygiene students came together to host a memorable event.

“The entire team really enjoyed the day and, I think for some, really changed their thinking when it comes to doing projects like this,” Dr. White said. “We had Halloween-themed goodie bags and balloons galore. Some hygiene students educated the kids while they waited. Kids enjoyed lots of coloring and interacting with our very own tooth fairy. We actually had so many donations of dental supplies and goodies that we already have plenty for our next event.”

Dr. Hyeon-Young Noh, a participating dentist in Eaton, Ohio, wasn’t able to find children to participate in his event so he turned the free dental care day at his office into an opportunity to give military veterans a smile.

“The local school has a mobile dentist, and the local YMCA and preschools had transportation issues they couldn’t overcome, so our team decided that we’d celebrate Veterans Day a little early,” said Dr. Noh. “We were able to provide care to 15 military veterans.”

Participants include: Drs. Jason Monroe, Aurora, Ill.; Eric Henize, Cincinnati; Hyeon-Young Noh, Eaton, Ohio; Heather Clark, St. Joseph, Mo.; Margarita Panajoti, Marlborough, Mass.; Jim Lesinski, Buffalo, N.Y.; Daysy Pinero, Coral Springs, Fla.; Tom Hartnett, Hamburg, N.Y.; Steve Lang, Middletown, Ohio; Edwin Rodriguez, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico; Brian Davey and Jenna Khoury, San Diego, Calif.; Lisa McDonald, St. Louis; Srdjan Ilic-Siljak, St. Louis; Andrew Yang, Torrence, Calif.; Jeremy Borsky, Cincinnati; Khaja Mohsinuddin, Aurora, Ill.; and Susan Smith, Portland, Ore.

“On behalf of NextLevel’s complete health dental community across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, we are grateful to provide access to care for the underserved and to take a new level of responsibility in educating the next generation on the importance of oral health and its connection to overall, sustainable health,” Mr. Kadi said.

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